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Website Support and Resources

The San Diego Unified School District website is managed, in a collaborative effort, by Communications, each district department, and each school. As owners of the website's content, staff members from each unit are responsible for creating, updating, and removing content on their respective website(s).

For assistance with administrative access to your site's page, please have each designated staff member follow the steps below:

  • Visit your site and log in with your district ID. This will prompt the system to recognize you as a user on that site. Note: in order to gain access, all requestors must first log in.

  • Reach out to [email protected]. Include your website URL and district ID.

  • If you are already an administrator on your site, follow the steps outlined in the Adding Administrators PDF.

Learning Resources and Training

For a comprehensive overview with job aids, review the searchable Getting Started Guide.

SchoolMessenger Presence Website Support

The district has partnered with Intrado to provide experts to assist with addressing issues such as yours. Intrado’s SchoolMessenger Presence Support is familiar with the district’s platform.

Not only will SchoolMessenger Presence Website Support work with you one-on-one, they will catalog your inquiry so that Intrado, in collaboration with the district web team, can identify and address any system-wide improvements necessary. These improvements will allow the new platform to perform better, and, in turn, benefit all colleagues across the district.

For non-emergency updates to your site. Intrado support will create a ticket and address your concerns as soon as they can.

Phone: (800) 920-3897

Online Chat / Live Web Sessions: https://www.schoolmessenger.com/support

Email: [email protected]

SchoolMessenger Presence Website Training Resources

SchoolMessenger Presence Guides - Getting Started Guides and FAQs 

SchoolMessenger Presence Training - Ongoing, Live Webinar Trainings with Intrado Support

San Diego Unified Website Training Recordings - Two Recorded Training Sessions with Intrado's trainer, and One Q&A Session

Website Administration Training Video - Site Administrators, or anyone responsible for maintaining the back end of the system, should review the above video to learn more about site permissions, text editor icons, users, groups, etc.

Interested in Additional Support?

Schedule a one-on-one Zoom meeting with San Diego Unified's webmaster to discuss how-tos and best practices.

Contact [email protected] for production support with changes to school or department pages.