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Area Superintendents


San Diego Unified School District is organized with six area superintendents. They serve as the ultimate point of contact for the schools in their areas and report to Superintendent Lamont Jackson.

An Area Superintendent is responsible for all schools and issues in his/her area. Locate your Area Superintendent by the high school cluster (middle school and elementary schools that feed into one another). There is one Area Superintendent responsible for all High Schools.

Here is the Area Superintendents’ Learning Communities.

Area Superintendent Team

Bruce Bivins

Area 1 Superintendent


Lincoln, Canyon Hills, Point Loma 

Steve Elizondo

Area 2 Superintendent


Mira Mesa, Morse, University City, Clairemont

Dr. Christina Casillas

Area 3 Superintendent


Kearny, Hoover, Mission Bay

Monika Hazel

Area 4 Superintendent


Crawford, Henry, Scripps Ranch

Atypical Language Schools

Mitzi Merino

Area 5 Superintendent


La Jolla, San Diego, Madison

Dr. Erin Richison

Area 6 Superintendent


High Schools & Alternative Schools

Charter Schools

Office of Charter Schools